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Living in Colorado Springs our selves, we have first-hand experience with the unpredictable weather that may have a harsh impact on residents in Black Forest, Peyton, and Falcon one afternoon and damage roofs in Cheyenne Mountain, Fort Carson, and the Broadmoor area the next evening. No matter which beautiful Colorado Springs neighborhood you live in, your roof is vulnerable to harsh weather conditions such as hail, wind, and storms that can cause leaking roofs, missing shingles, and overall damage. 

Hail Damage

Here at Victory “1”, we are here as your peace of mind roofing contractors in Colorado Springs after a hail storm hits. Because we are a local company, we are able to offer several hail damage services for El Paso County residents, including: 

Quick Estimates

When hail hits, it hits hard. Get an estimate so you can get back to normal.



Emergency Tarps

We will set up a sturdy emergency tarp after damage to prevent further leaks.



Fast Repairs

Quick hail and leak repairs to protect your home from water damage.



Insurance Help

We will work with insurance companies to settle projects efficiently & effectively.



Additional Services

We offer custom solutions to your hail damage needs.



For the best company to repair hail damage to your roof, contact us at Victory “1” Roofing and Construction today! We are your #1 responder to hail damage in Colorado Springs. 

Storm Damage

Colorado storms can feature heavy rain, hail, wind, snow, or ice depending on the day. Individually, all storm conditions can cause havoc to a residential roof and a combination can lead to disaster. Snow and ice become heavy on your roof which can lead to structural damage, and fallen branches from storms lead to the same structural concerns. Whenever storms like blizzards, tornadoes, and bomb cyclones hit El Paso County or Teller County neighborhoods, we are prepared to help get your roof where it needs to be to keep you and your home safe before the next storm rolls through the Front Range. 

Wind Damage

Even when there isn’t any moisture accompanying strong winds, your roof can still take on a lot of damage due to strong winds. Damaging winds weaken points on your roof that can become compromised. Wind damage typically begins on the eaves, or edges, of your roof but it can also impair any loose or weakened spots. 

Roof Leak Repair

A few drips of water or a full flood may occur in your home if your roof experienced damage. Missing shingles, poor sealing, aging, holes, and more cause weaknesses in your roof that allow water in. Even if the leak is small, water damage can have a disastrous impact inside your home. Each additional storm leads to additional damage and larger leaks, so even if a full roof replacement is on the horizon, it is important to fix every roof leak right away before you end up dealing with severe water damage inside your home. 

Why Victory "1" Roofing and Construction

As a full service roofing and construction company in Colorado Springs, we’ve invested the time and training into every aspect of roofing in order to be a trusted leader in the industry. We are committed to excellence and to protecting our neighbors throughout Colorado Springs. As a local company, we understand and have experienced all of the emergencies that unpredictable weather causes throughout El Paso County, so we are proud to offer emergency tarp services to keep your family and home safe between storms until it is safe to repair or replace your roof. At Victory “1” Roofing and Construction, we will work with insurance companies to ensure all needs are met to maintain your home while protecting your wallet. 

Get A Roof Repair Estimate Today

Whether a storm took a serious toll on your roof and you need emergency roof tarp services, or if you are ready for a professional to assess the state of your roof and provide a transparent, comprehensive quote then give us a call. We will provide a free estimate after a thorough inspection of your residential roof. Contact us today to discuss your roofing or construction needs. Our experiences team members are proud to serve the Front Range, from El Paso County to Teller County and ever community between. 

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