Colorado Springs Roofing and Construction Company

Fully Licensed & Insured Locally owned and operated Family business

When you’re looking for a full-service construction and roofing company, then turn to none other than Victory “1” Roofing and Construction. We are proud to be locally-owned, and we’ve been serving the Colorado Springs area for years. We’re an all-encompassing construction company that can not only attend to all your construction needs but your roofing ones as well, which means that we can essentially build your home or business from the bottom up all the way to the roof.

Commitment to Excellence
We’re committed to excellence and strive to excel at everything we do. We will never cut corners to make ends meet or to finish a job faster. We treat you like family when you come to us. We care about your safety first and foremost, and that’s why we’ll never jeopardize your safety by not doing a job right. We want to be a company that you can trust and depend on, and we are more than willing to earn that trust.

Your home is one of your biggest assets, and we realize that you want to keep it looking beautiful. Let us assist you with your maintenance goals. Regardless of whether you want to remodel the interior or exterior of your home or you simply want to have it maintained periodically, we will be happy to assist you.Contact us today to talk about your construction and roofing needs.



Your home is one of your biggest assets, let us help you keep it beautiful.


We can handle a variety of types of construction projects. Regardless of whether you have a simple home construction project you need done or you need us to fill in as the construction contractor on a large project for a retail location, we can deliver what you need.  
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Services Offered

Although we are most known for our roofing services, we can also do all kinds of other types of construction work too. For instance, we remodel the interior and exterior of homes, and we are not afraid to take on commercial projects either.  
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Roofing Maintenance

Part of having a roof is maintaining it, and we provide all the roof maintenance services you could need to keep your roof lasting for decades to come. To top it all off, we provide a warranty maintenance with a 3-year workmanship in conjunction with the manufacturer warranty to offer you the most protection.  
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