The Benefits of GacoRoofFoam

Victory 1 Roofing and Construction is committed to providing our customers with the latest roofing products and highest industry standards possible. That’s why we are proud to offer GacoRoofFoam which will protect and extend the lifespan of your investment.

GacoRoofFoam is a spray foam insulation and roof foam, this unique product has a low-impact footprint on the environment while accommodating the most unique roofing designs. What is it? GacoRoofFoam is a closed cell monolithic polyurethane which bonds to the substrate of any shape, size or slope of the roof and actually becomes part of the structure. This special system creates a barrier which can be varied in thickness to create a positive slope to drain on flat roofs.

GacoRoofFoam is Class A (Class 1) fire rated, UL approved and FM approved, including a Severe Hail Rating when coated with GacoFlex S2100 Cleanable Solvent-free Silicone Coating, GacoRoofFoam does not contain CFCs, HCFCs or other gases harmful to the ozone layer. The benefits of this product are far-reaching.

  • Energy Efficient: Providing consumers almost a 40% energy savings compared to traditional insulation techniques, GacoRoofFoam is a superior choice. The thermal efficiency will pay for itself throughout the years.
  • Go Green! Victory 1 Roofing and Construction is committed to sustainably and this product is considered to be the only sustainable rood system when properly maintained. What does this mean to you? This incredible roofing system will virtually last forever with periodic recoats and maintenance.  
  • Lightweight Design: This lightweight system translates to less stress on the structure of your building making it an ideal choice.
  • Self Flashing: When our professional installation team sprays GacoRoofFoam in place, the durable foam integrates and adheres to any shape roof and eliminates leakage that can be a common problem in seams and lead to costly repairs.

These are just a few of the many benefits GacoRoofFoam provides, if you are interested in learning more about this innovative product, call us today 1-877-674-3448! Victory 1 Roofing and Construction prides itself on providing exemplary customer services, we take every measure to ensure you are satisfied with all your roofing and construction needs and will do whatever it takes to earn your business and remain life-long clients. We proudly serve the Colorado Springs area and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Victory 1 Roofing and Construction is a family-owned operation and has become a leader in commercial roofing. We are large enough to provide professionalism and reliability, yet small enough to provide personalized service.

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