Do I Need A New Roof?

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As the most important part of your home, your roof is often built to last, with the average lifespan being around 15-35 years depending on the quality of material and stallion. However, weather, time, and various other factors eventually break down your roof and it if it is not maintained regularly, your roof may need to be replaced. The unpredictable weather in Colorado Springs often leads to broken roofing systems that may have taken on too many years of damage to be repaired. If you aren’t sure whether to repair or replace your roof, connect with a professional, experienced roofing company like Victory “1” Roofing & Construction to evaluate the condition of your roof. We recommend a roof inspection on a semi-annual basis, as well as after a harsh storm (hail, wind, blizzard, etc.), so you can be prepared to repair any issues or replace your roof when necessary.

Victory “1” Roofing & Construction in Colorado Springs has seen it all when it comes to Colorado weather: long-standing neighborhoods full of roofs that are nearing the ends of their lives, to the overnight hail storm that punches holes through shingles like a peg board. We are a roofing company founded on honesty and integrity, so we want our neighbors in Colorado Springs to be prepared with knowledge to know when it is time to replace their roofs. After all, while we understand that it can be a hefty investment to replace your roof, the cost of internal home damage and safety issues caused by not replacing your roof can be much more severe.

Roof Repair VS Roof Replacement

There is a fine line between repairing and replacing your roof. There are quite a few things that you can look for, however, to help you make the best decision for your roof. From age to damage, there are different degrees of a roof’s overall ability to protect your home, and as roofing professionals in Colorado Springs, we can help you determine what needs to happen. Ask yourself the following questions to see if it it time for a new roof:

  • How Old Is Your Roof?

Typically, residential roofs last about 20 years. Of course, this lifespan varies depending on the material your roof is made of, how well it was installed, as well as various environmental conditions that may take a toll on your roof. Average lifespan of various roofing types:

Slate, Copper, or Tile: Over 50 Years

Metal: 30-50 Years

Wood Shingles or Wood Shakes: 20-35 Years

PVC & TPO: 20-30 Years

Asphalt: 10-20 Years

We recommend replacing your roof every 15-30 years on average.

Is Your Roof Leaking?

A common sign that it is time to replace your roof if it is leaking. You’ll begin to notice leaks inside of your home typically on the ceiling. Leaks may be seen via traditional drips or can be noted by water stains or streaks.

Has There Been A Recent Storm?

In Colorado Springs, we see extreme weather conditions which can cause a great deal of damage to your roof. Hail, wind, and general storm damage may severely impact your roof. If you suspect that a recent storm caused damage to your roof or if you found shingle debris around your home, we recommend having it inspected by a professional. If the damage is severe enough for a roof replacement, get it done sooner rather than later so you may rest easy during the next storm.

Can You See Broken Shingles or Holes in Your Roof?

If sun is making its way through your roof into your home, then it is likely time for a replacement. Broken, curved, or taped shingles often lead to greater concerns.. Holes can increase in size over time letting the elements in and ultimately harming your roof and home.

Is Your Energy Bill Unusually High?

A worm-down roof could be causing leaks and holes that you can’t see, feel, or hear. This means that our conditioning and heat you are pumping through your home could be leaking out of the house, causing your HVAC system to stay on longer and work harder which causes your bill to spike each month. This indicator is a good reminder that replacing your roof may be a large cost, but it will likely save you money in the long run.

Will It Take More Money to Repair the Roof Or Replace It With A New One?

Sometimes, it comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. It’s helpful to look not only at what is current right for you and your family, but also 5-10 years down the line.

Victory “1” Roofing & Construction | Contact Us to Replace Your Roof

Victory “1” is the best roofing contractor and construction company in the El Paso County area. We want to make sure that your badly damaged or worn-down roof is taken care of by experienced, certified, and trustworthy professionals. We are constancy training our team with new technical skills while repeating the traditions of the roofing trade. Our company thrives on the importance of putting integrity and transparency first, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a thorough evaluation of your roof’s needs. Contact Victory “1” Roofing & Construction to schedule a free, transparent roofing inspection for your home.

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