Victory “1” Roofing & Construction

In order to manage a successful business, you need to invest in a building you can grow in with partners you trust. At Victory “1” Roofing and Construction, we are invested in your success, throughout every step of your commercial project. We are a full service general commercial contractor in Colorado Springs, offering quality projects for commercial buildings. At Victory “1” Roofing and Construction, we understand the complexities of a commercial building project, and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your design is up to par, codes are met, and schedules are on track. From project management to design and the perfect build, we are your full service general contractor. Alternatively, we can successfully, and respectfully, work with other contractors to provide the best possible service. 

Contruction Project Management

Project management of your commercial construction project is vital to the success of your investment. At Victory “1” Roofing and Construction, we are your dedicated partner. Our partnership will be built thanks to our ability to provide transparent communication, experience, and reputation to execute any commercial construction project without cutting corners. This partnership will ensure that you receive the highest level of service while always maintaining professional, honest communication. Our team will maintain strict attention to every schedule that impacts the project and your budget constraints. As a local general contractor in Colorado Springs, we have excellent relationships with various subcontractors and have built our reputation on successful, professional relationships. Our experience will allow you to rest easy knowing that your commercial construction project is thriving throughout every piece of the project. From design consultation to contract negotiations until you open the door, we are invested in your success. 

Pre-Construction Phase

  • Comprehensive site analysis 
  • Preliminary pricing
  • General scope development 
  • Strategic scheduling
  • Safety plan 
  • Permitting

Construction Phase

  • Prepare a detailed construction schedule 
  • Manage contracts, schedules, and budget needs 
  • Consult on changes in scope of work 
  • Professional site supervision 
  • Safety program and enforcement 
  • Monitor and document construction activities
  • Punch list coordination

Design Build Construction

As your commercial construction project partner, we believe in committing to your entire project as a way to make sure every component is cohesive, schedule are maintained, and budget constraints are met. As a general contractor, we are the design-builder, so we will provide both the design and construction services needed to successfully complete your project. Design-build construction minimizes the risk for you since all contractual agreements are negotiated and remedied by the Victory “1” team. There is one point of contact which streamlines the commercial construction project by overlapping the design and construction phase of a project. Our design-build approach minimizes the construction schedule, lowers costs, and increases our ability to effectively communicate with all parties. This is the most traditional method of construction, and a proven method to ensure your commercial construction project turns into a remarkable investment. 

Hire A Company You Can Trust | Victory "1" Roofing and Construction

As a local company, Victory “1” has invested the time into the experience, training, and relationships needed to successfully complete a commercial construction project of any size. As a general contractor and trusted roofing expert, we understand how to maintain professional relationships with clients, subcontractors, and more to ensure every cog in the project is turning the way it is supposed to, at the right time, and within the correct budget constraints. Contact us today to discuss your commercial construction project needs.